Is there any way to force re-index video using command line?

After split and join file to cut off commercials i would like to be able to force regenerating index by CLI.
what is the desired order of things - should I regenerate video first and then re-detect commercials or generating video index force commercials to recheck?

I don't have jq installed, wanted to avoid json parsing in bash, but maybe it's the only way :expressionless:
I hate bash loop written in one line :slight_smile:
what is SXPUT method?

"Put" is an HTTP command.

If you'd prefer to manually enter every file ID, feel free. One-liners are a great way to process many inputs with minimal effort. If you want to make more work for yourself, feel free.

I know about what one-liner is. it's not about more work. Showing to someone someone else's code written in one line is not efficient as it's difficult to read and understand and I really prefer to know what is going on in the script. Try to read JQuery code minimized to one line , good luck :slight_smile:
I know PUT method not sure about -sSX addition.

Google is your friend. The curl options are:

  • -s – Silent: don't show cURL's progress display
  • -S – Show errors: if there's an error, display it
  • -X – Request type: cURL defaults to using GET; this overrides that