Is this a bug or an incorrect setting?

Newbie just got Channels working. I'm using a synology DVR, Apple TV 4K and TV Everywhere as the tuner. When I am watching live tv shows I select the channel from the guide, the app goes to the channel and there is a box displayed with the program, time bar, info, etc. The information goes away in a few seconds but the outline of the information box remains on the screen.


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This is working as designed.

Whoa, upon re-reading this, I see I was wrong:

This is certainly not correct. Can you send a photo of this?

This sounds like it might be an artifact of your TV though. I have a Samsung Frame TV that leaves artifacts of things on the TV. But it's the TV doing it, not the app.

It is a bug you might want to address but it probably won't affect most of your users.

I just got the Apple TV box today. When I was using it I had the sound on my soundbar turned off so I was testing and playing without sound.

Well after I posted I turned the sound on my soundbar. Alas, Apple TV started reading everything on the menu screens. I went into the Apple TV settings and found voiceover was turned on in accessibility. I turned this off and of course the voiceover went away. During this time you made your first post saying that the box was normal and I PM'd you. About 10 minutes later I went back into channels and the box outline had went away. I assumed you might have gotten my pm and fixed it.

Then you replied to my PM, so I went back into accessibility and reenabled voiceover and the White info outline remains. LOL. So this is definitely an app issue but one that I just accidently happened upon. You might be able to duplicate this yourself.



So you had VoiceOver on. It is normal for the UI to react in these ways with accessibility features turned on.