Is this weak signal or perhaps atsc 3.0?

Just curious, a recent scan OTA revealed 99 channels, ( we have 5 stationa Atsc 3.0)
Does this mean that I have a weak signal ( used to say weak signal ) or is this because I’m using older HDHomeRun that isn’t atsc 3.0, …hence trying to decide if I upgrade the hd homerun box would then this signal come in? Or is there some other issue?

With the current state of atsc3 even if you got a better signal chances are not very good you could use it. Ota atsc3 cbs,abc,cw, and another are all drm’ed. who knows when fox and nbc are going to pull the drm trigger. If I were you I would wait on a new atsc3 tuner to see how all this pans out.

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4.1 WYFF is encrypted so ATSC 3.0 will not help you


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I just saw several days ago that the Cincinnati Fox affiliate WXIX has DRM now. WLWT has had it for a while.