Is Windows the best OS for Channels DVR?


I plan to repurpose a tower PC that I have been using for Windows Media Center, into a Channels DVR server. Should I leave Win 7 on it? or switch to Win 10, or Ubuntu? I would like the most hassle-free OS.

It will have a wired Ethernet connection to an AppleTV 4K.

CPU - Intel Pentium G620 Sandy Bridge 2.6GHz LGA 1155 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 2000
4 GB Ram
SSD drive



I would recommend Ubuntu.

If not, Windows 10 or 8 would be preferable to Windows 7.


Thanks. Would the Ubuntu Desktop LTS version work well? I’m “somewhat” comfortable with the server version (but not an expert by any means), if that would offer significant benefits for this hardware. I’m also ok upgrading the cpu to an i3 or i5 if that would be worth the cost.


Any version of Ubuntu would be fine.

Your processor doesn't support Quick Sync for video transcoding (, so an upgrade would help with that. But honestly it will work just fine as-is.


I am curious about the unattended software update and rebooting the Windows 10 does every now and then, and how that would affect the Channels DVR when it is recording. Windows allows you to configure a time frame for unattended reboot, but not to disable it from the settings. I have googled for solutions and seen some ways to reconfigure Windows to not reboot unattended. Is the Channels DVR able to prevent the Windows from rebooting while recording?


Yes the DVR will signal to the OS that it is busy whenever recording (or watching), and will also prompt you if you try to reboot/shutdown manually. I believe this ties into the automated updates as well but I am not 100% certain.


If you use Windows 10 Latest it will decode DRM channels. IF this is a problem for you. My dealbreaker with Channels was no DRM as my cable is 90% drm. so I use Windows 10 Box and I can watch all the channels now. Just my Opinion.