Looking to buy a new or gently use HDHR Prime. Message me if you are considering selling. Thanks!


Mine is neither new or gently used.....

I have one sitting in our office that hasn't been used in years. I can't guarantee that it still works since I haven't had cable TV for at least 3 or 4 years. I can go find it this morning and make sure that I still have the power supply and it powers up.

I'm currently removing a hoarder from one of my rentals so my desire to clean out my own "junk" collection is strong right now.

HDHR3-CC Prime models come up on eBay all the time. Averaging about 1 a day. I know this because I just bought one that way and it took me a couple of weeks of watching and waiting and bidding to get one at an acceptable (to me) price. The auction prices seem to range from $140-$180. Some people are selling theirs with a "Buy it now" price of over $200. The unit I bought worked flawlessly from the get-go and I had it installed an up in running within an hour of unpackaging it.

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