Issue adding a new movie to an existing folder

I am having an issue when adding a new movie to an already existing folder that I have loaded into channels. The new movie that I add will show -2349857 (some random numbers) as the length of movie when I pull it up in any app (TVos, IOS, doesn't matter). If I view the movie via the web app it will show 1 hour 48 minutes if that is the time. When I try to watch the movie the timeline never changes as the movie plays.

Here is what happens: I import movie folder into channels. It does fine with all of those movies. I double checked in the apps and the time will say 158 minutes or whatever it is. The movie plays fine and the timeline moves fine.

Now, I add a newly ripped movie (ripped with Makemkv) to that same folder and the movie shows that negative number and all the above I mentioned happens with it.

If I then remove that same folder from Channels and re-import it, then that same movie shows the length of it just fine and all is good. So, this is only happening when I add a new movie to the folder that already exists.

I thought that running the timestamp fix would handle the issue but what happens if I do that is it doesn't change the movie length that is shown but now the movie won't even play in Channels or any other app. So I have to then re-rip the movie to make it playable again.

I have tried this several times on several different movies and I can re-create the scenario every time.

Nothing odd shows up in my logs either to indicate there was an issue and it doesn't happen with imported TV Shows, just movies.

Refresh Metadata will fix it.

Is your movies folder on a network share? What OS and file system?

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Yes it is on a network share. It is on a TNAS device (F5-221) and the file system is ext4.

Which network protocol is used for the mounts?

SMB, if that is what you mean by network protocol.

@tmm1 - Is there any update on this one?

I just had to add two more movies to my NAS today and will be adding a few more tomorrow and I am still seeing this issue.

I just noticed this in the logs: 2022/07/02 17:02:41.715899 [ERR] Could not probe file 41616: exit status 1
2022/07/02 17:02:42.153082 [SCN] Imported movie #41616 Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)\Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987).mkv
2022/07/02 18:13:52.972418 [ERR] Could not probe file 41617: exit status 1
2022/07/02 18:13:53.311536 [SCN] Imported movie #41617 Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)\Forgetting Sarah Marshall.mkv

Update: So, after my last post I tried something out of curiosity. I created a temp folder on the same hdd on my NAS. I removed the folder from the path I have them stored in, hit prune deleted in Channels and then re-added the movie to the main movies folder on that same drive.

Channels scanned it and it is importing correctly this time.

Maybe something is happening during my move from one computer where I rip the movie to the NAS causing the issue. Maybe it's moving too slowly for Channels to pick up properly or something? Maybe Channels is scanning before it's fully moved over and something occurs during that scan? Totally guessing here.

From now on as a work around I will move the file to the temp folder 1st then move into the main folder. That should work.

Yes this is a known issue

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