Issue: Recordings spin and do not remember were you left off

This issue has been around for a little bit but I am finally getting a chance talk about it.

First. not every recording does this. Nor is it always repeatable on the same recording.

When I click on recording the progress bar will stay up with a spinning indicator and never auto dissolves away.
If I let the recording play out a bit and then exit...come back later...It does not remember my progress and ends up starting over.

Although when this issue does start with the spinning icon.... when I begin watching the recording if I fast-forward a few seconds right away the spinning icon goes away and the progress bar starts to keep track of where I'm at.

In pic below shows this issue. Keep in mind this show is about 5-7min to progress


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I've seen this exact issue before with the persisting spinner when starting playback of a recording.

In fact, it happened to me just this evening about an hour ago when I started playback of tonight's Sunday Night Baseball game on ESPN. I was able to get it to go away by doing a single skip forward. This happened within the first 30 seconds of playback.

I can't comment on the DVR not remembering playback progress because I have always "fixed" the persisting spinner when I have seen it at the start of playback, usually by exiting playback and then restarting playback of the recording.

I feel like this is happening more and more

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This just happened for me for the first time ever yesterday. I was able to exit out and start the program over, and it was fine. So I would agree it’s either new or something happening more frequently now.

Interesting. I've noticed this too. For me it happens if I click to skip while the recording is still loading and the spinner is showing. It's rare because normally I don't touch the remote while it's loading and usually loading is fast, but sometimes my DVR drive takes a while to wake up from sleep.

Can anyone confirm that remote input triggers this, or are there other cases where it happens randomly?

Submitting diagnostics (and leaving a comment here so I can find them) would be helpful.

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I do not click anything on the remote while the show is loading.
This also happens while I moving from recording to recording so the dvr is already awake.

i got for american dad.

also i should point out this only happens to a first time touched recording. If the recording already has some progress the spinning will not happen.

This is a client issue so we need client side diagnostics.

If it happens to me again I’ll submit diagnostics and post here.

I feel like this becoming more and more common when viewing a recording

I am glad to see you are working to resolve the spinning issue. But this is still happening just a frequently as before.


Bummer. Please do submit diagnostics and then post here so we can look them up.

from the appletv?

Yes, bottom of Settings tab click Submit Diagnostics > Video Player

when should i do, after i notice the spin... then back out to settings and submit


just submitted logs after starting a dateline episode and got the spin

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Thanks for the log. I was able to see what the issue is and have put in a possible fix. We will be releasing a new build to testflight later today.

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just in case i sent another one in

just submitted logs after starting a american dad episode and got the spin

appears to be fixed with this new update

thank you

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