Issue when migrating to new computer

I'm having trouble with migrating the DVR server to a new computer.
I've done all the recommended steps

  1. backup the database (which was on a portable usb drive)
  2. move the portable to new computer
  3. setup the server
  4. used the restore wizard for latest backup
    then it dumps me back at the screen for "setup storage" as the next step
    When I choose the portable drive and folder where the original data was - the screen simple stalls at "save" and cranks endlessly - never going to next step.
    What am I doing wrong?

Check the Log for any errors. Could be a permissions problem.

The only error showing in logs is
[ERR] Failed to refresh auth: missing oauth client

Maybe refresh the browser and see if the settings page loads correctly?

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Yes the setting page loads and puts me back at the initial setup "setup storage"
asking for the drive ...
I tried simply rebooting at that point and wham - it now works -

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Migrating Channels to a new computer. It's taking forever to copy the 16.2 gigabytes of small files (almost 30,000 files) in the "Streaming" directory. How important is it to move the entire streaming directory?

Looks like I asked this same question last time I moved Channels.

Still, seems like a lot of misc files.

You can skip that "Streaming" directory. It will be regenerated when needed.
There's a post around here somewhere about that

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Thank goodness.

Just wanted to mention that the move to the new hardware was flawless (even with my own screw up with the system time being set to Pacific instead of Central at first), entirely due to great developer planning.

Thank you.