Issue with DTV

So this is new: 2021/11/23 20:16:16.876627 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-DTV ch6082 FXX: TVE: notAuthorized: 0070-We updated our app. Just sign out and sign back into AT&T TV or AT&T WatchTV or DirecTV this one time, and you'll be all set!


Just letting developers know. Let folks

Fixed in prerelease

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Thought it would be. Thanks for the quick response

HEY DEVELOPERS!!! I am getting that same error so how can this be fixed on my end or yours ???

Update to the newest prerelease and it’s fixed

How do I do that

Channels Pre-Release

How do I do it for. My roku tv ?

That's the Channels DVR web UI.
Same place where you added DirecTV as a TVE provider source.

Sorry I m completely lost. Can u do a stop by step for me please?

Roku is not supported platform.

And to upgrade:

So my USA app thingy I used to watch is one of them on my tv that is giving me that error msg. R u telling me I am out of luck and can no longer watch it thru my direct tv service like all the other channels? Is this going to slowly one by one be the case with all my channels thru the direct tv? (Please excuse me for my illiteracy regarding this).

That is completely unrelated to Channels. If you are having a problem with USA's app and your DirecTV credentials, follow up with USA/NBCUniversal and DirecTV.

Ok so up above u showed me the Verizon thing. I have Verizon so how do I get to that to do that update release.

@Laurie_Bartlett Please start a new thread with your specific issues. Please be as detailed as possible, as your posts so far have been very difficult to understand and lacking any context.

(Once you have started your own thread with details, I'll move your posts over to that new thread.)

Pre Release 2021.11.30.0216

The issues seems to have come back but with a different set of channels.


Logs sent: 690ed051-b2b5-4f86-9fce-6f2b0cd1e410

Yep lost all Viacom, Fox and Warner channels today.