Issue with local content import and passes

Feature Request or bug fix?

When I delete a local import path, I would like Channels DVR to delete the "ProgramID": "imported-file#" from /dvr/programs.

Because it took me a couple hours to find out why my pass wasn't recording an episode I never recorded before.

I found the ProgramID for it in /dvr/programs.
It got there when I was testing local content imports, another imported episode was "automatically" mis-matched as something it wasn't, the episode I want to record now.
And Channels DVR will NOT record something that was imported. Even if the local content import path and that import are deleted.

Even though I had deleted all my import sources weeks ago, all the entries are still in /dvr/programs.
I had to write a script that deleted them all, except for some that won't delete. I can't get rid of the tmdb/movie/# entries, even if I encode it to tmdb%2Fmovie%2F#

Here's a couple examples of the ones I can't delete
"tmdb/movie/13187": "imported-3761"
"tmdb/movie/13479": "imported-3771"

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Will fix.

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All I did was verify I could remove the remaining entries like "tmdb/movie/13187": "imported-3761"
Which worked by URL encoding the forward slashes to %2F in the curl command.

Since I removed all imports I can't test anything else, but was wondering.

I import something again and it's "automatically" mis-matched to a different ProgramID. I assume that ProgramID will be put in /dvr/programs. If I then notice the mis-match and correct the match, will it update dvr/programs?

Also, if I remove an import source using the trach can icon, will it remove all the /dvr/programs entries corresponding to everything that was imported from that source path?

I wouldn't care about any of this if Channels DVR didn't prevent me from recording something it imported.

I plan on re-visiting imports once I can import my TV Shows and Specials with better matching.