Issue with new tvos sdk build

Not sure what's happening for you. I'm not seeing it here, nor is anyone else showing diagnostics that look like yours. Can you find a previous build inside TestFlight that works? If there's a version number that's working then I can try to figure out what changed since then.

Downloaded 11.4.1830 and that doesn’t have this problem! Only 9’dropped frames. Diagnostics submitted

Are you testing on a single ATV or is it happening on multiple? What about iOS devices with the latest beta, do those act bad too?

On a single Apple TV. The only atv that I have set to match range and refresh rate. If you recall, it only happens when the tv switches frame rate to play this 720p/30 recording.

It doesn’t happen on my iPhone or iPad Pro since that doesn’t change frame rates like a tv. Diagnostics submitted from iPad just in case

Okay, so it's only a single recording. Or all 30fps content?

And it doesn't happen with match rate off?

I thought you were seeing dropped frames on every video and every TV.

So far yes but I’ll be honest, I don’t record or watch recordings much at all. I only record news and sports and that 720p/30 recording is the only one I’ve encountered.

I haven’t experienced or seen it on other recordings.

I just tested it on another atv 4K gen 2 set to 1080p/60 with match FR and range to off and the recording played perfectly fine. Diagnostics sent on that test


I made it work by doing this the other day

Confirmed that it happens s on every tv when match FR is on. Submitted just in case.

Thanks. Please upload sample video here: Dropbox - Submit files


@tmm1 ok so I did some testing and I can repeat the issue with old and new builds. While I was doing the testing I went in to my TV and made sure I had all post processing turned off. I kept skipping back on the show to a spot where I could see the stutter pretty consistently. The crazy thing is about every 3rd or 4th time I did this the stutter went away. I had stats on and I wasn't dropping any frames but it was noticeably better when i would skip back and "land" on smooth playback.

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You want me to get some logs of this happening? Frame drops aren't showing on the stats but it's pretty easily repeatable

Ok so it sounds like it's not related to the sdk. So all further builds will be with the new sdk.

This frame rate issue has been around for a long time it seems. It happens randomly and can be fixed by seeking around sometimes. I would like to understand if this ever happens with the default video driver.

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Thanks, I was able to reproduce with the video sample. It seems kinda messed up- it says its 24fps so the app switches to 24fps, but the video is actually 29.97fps

Where was this recorded from?

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From ABC TVE 6001.

Posting just to add info.
Since I edit some recordings to remove ads and archive I've noticed lots of shows/movies on TVE channels have many different resolutions and frame rates in the same recording. Mostly the ads differ, but sometime the content itself changes. Never see this with OTA or Cable sources.

It's similar to how if you start watching a show on Netflix or some other streaming service: the first second or two might be low resolution until the CDN servers can adequately determine how fast you can receive data; at that point they will switch the stream to one with full resolution. (I have often seen this behavior with Discovery Networks channels, like Food Network.)

While that accounts for differences within the content itself, ads are something different. When you watch TV via OTA/cable, there are two classes of ads: national and local. National ads are inserted with the broadcast, often from a separate stream/server than the program content itself. Then you have local ads, which are inserted into set sections of the commercial breaks which are inserted by your local cable company/broadcast network. (That's why sometimes you will see the tail end of an ad after another one already aired: there was a sync issue from your local broadcaster covering over a national ad by a local one.) In TVE streams, the "local" ad sections are usually filled in with a channel-specific placard/static image.

These 3 different situations—changes in primary stream based upon bandwidth, national ad insertion, and placards/dead air for local ads—can hopefully answer some of your questions. (Also, the audio streams may change, too. Although with TVE channels not so much, as all TVE streams are stereo only, versus broadcast OTA/cable where the primary content is often 5.1, while the ads are 2.0.)

@tmm1 I went ahead and put 15.2 tvos beta on 2 of my ATV's and it may be my imagination but I think it makes a difference. I played the same ota recording that had the stutter and I didn't notice it as much. (I would consider it normal for 29.97 fps played at 59.94 fps on an led tv with post processing turned off.) you still get a slight bit on massive camera pans but it didn't seem as bad.

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Ive updated my ATVHD (A1625) to tvos 15.2 and seen a large improvement on HD strobey/stuttery/staccato playback. (It still is not perfect on a problematic recording I have)
Still has other issues: Screen has gone blue on a few occasions and or skipped during adverts/commercials timeline pops up occasionally. PIP crashes.

Apple settings:
Res: 1080p at 50hz ‘pal’
Match frame rate: on

Channels advanced settings:
Deinter: linear 50
Match content: on
Video driver: default
Audio: default