Issue with passes


Trying to record Formula 1 in UK; the broadcaster has now named Saturday's qualifying and Sunday's race coverage exactly the same name: XXX Grand Prix Highlights, even though these are two different sessions on two different days.

I setup a series pass and set it to record all. However, as the programmes have the same name, it only wants to record the first one on Saturday and there is no option to record the second one on Sunday. I can't manually select the second one as it says "recording on Saturday". Without cancelling the series pass and manually setting up the recording is there any way to force the second one to record?


Actually it's not just a problem with passes. If I manually set the DVR to record the qualifying on Saturday; it does not give the option to record the Sunday as it is already listed as scheduled to be recorded.


The only way that I have “solved” this problem involves saving the first recording outside Channels TV directory and then deleting the “first” recording from Channels DVR application. In the web DVR Passes Advanced Edit mode, set to “Re-record deleted episodes.” The problem is that the Guide identifies the second episodes as the same as the first.

You will need to either watch the first episode in Channels prior to deleting it or watch the episode later with another video viewer application from the externally saved copy. I save a copy of the episode’s .mpg file and then delete within Channels. With the Advanced Edit set to re-record, Channels records the second episode.

Neither is the best way. The HDHomeRun application allows me to record both “episodes.” Eyetv application also allows recording both “episodes” as well as a method of manually scheduling a recording on a specific TV channel, for a specified length, and at a specific date and time. Adding a manual recording option to Channels would solve the problems of these episodes identified as identical by the Guide.


Setup an advanced pass for each (Sat & Sun)

Channel = xxx
Time Contains Sat 8:00pm

Edit: per tmm1post below...this method doesn't work in this use case...i.e. EpisodeID


I’ve tried both a series pass and scheduling each episode separately. In both cases, Channels only allows me to schedule one of the two episodes. When set to record one, the other episode shows “Queued” for the date and time of the scheduled episode. The Guide shows exactly the same title info and episode info and only the date and time are different.

I am a “two month old” new Channels user and do not have all the tips and tricks memorized. If Channels has a method of creating two passes for the same show title, I welcome your advice.


Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. When two airings have the same "episode id" from our guide provider, we assume they are the same and the DVR will not schedule two recordings for it. I know this sucks when the guide data is wrong, and we hope to make this easier in the future.

For now the "re-record deleted" trick is probably the easiest thing, or you can try to record the program that comes before/after the second airing and set a really long padding.


I run into this issue on nearly a daily basis, and I share your frustration. When setting up the pass you can choose to set it to either record first run episodes or all episodes, it would be nice if the next line below that you had the choice to re-record deleted episodes - instead of having to go to advanced settings in the web interface. It's good that we can get there in the advanced settings, but it would be real nice if we had that option up front when creating or editing the pass (and on both the app and web interfaces, as too often we have to go to the web interface to change settings that are only available there). With the growing number of channels that specialize in running reruns of old shows, this is becoming more of an issue. I've also run into it a few times with daily newscasts.