Issue with PiP

Perhaps this is a known issue to the Devs but I’m not sure so I thought I would mention it. Ran into it today, and I think it’s reproducible. I have my client settings set to prompt whether to resume or play from beginning when viewing a recording. So here are the steps.

  1. Partially watch a recording, then stop it.
  2. Watch something else in PiP. In my case we were watching live tv and exited to the guide which put the show into the PiP window. I would guess this would happen no matter what you are viewing as long as it’s in PiP.
  3. Navigate to the partially viewed recording and play it. Since there is already something playing in PiP, the recording starts to play in the PiP window, BUT there is no prompt to resume where you left off or start from beginning. It just starts from the beginning automatically, which means you “lose your place” in the show, which is painful.

I realize there is probably no way to do the prompt in this scenario. I guess I would recommend if the client setting is to prompt, the PiP window should automatically grow to full screen so that the prompt can be presented? Alternatively the prompt mechanism could be changed so that it’s available both in full screen and PiP.

Has there been a solution to this issue?