Issues with Channel Button Detector on New Google TV Reference Remote

I recently picked up one of the new reference design remotes (G10) now coming with many of the new Google TV stream boxes. I am using the remote with my CCwGTV as it includes channels up/down buttons. With Channel Button Detector setting enabled, the livetv button on the remote automatically opens Channels and the channel up/down pages up through the guide which are big improvements over the standard CCwGTV remote.

I have noticed an issue when using the channels up/down buttons when scrolling through the guide. The channels up/down button will work for a few pages, and then the scrolling stops. I discovered that the cursor/selector which normally highlights an individual TV show in the guide, disappears from the screen when scrolling fast and you can no longer select anything. At first I thought Channels app had frozen, but selecting back on the remote pops recovers the cursor/selector. It appears there is a bug when rapidly pressing the channels up/down button button.

The channels up/down button works fine in other apps, so it seems to be a bug with Channels. The only other suggestion would be to map the bookmark button to switch between the last and current channel which is available on the Tivo Stream remote.

If this bug is fixed this new reference design remote will be a game changer for us Google TV users.

Here is the new remote:

The loss of focus when scrolling the guide is a long-known issue/bug with Android clients.

Didn't realize this is a long-known issue. On my old Stream 4K it didn't seem to occur. Hopefully this issue can be debugged as it is really annoying with the new remote.

Where'd you score the remote?

It happens on my 4k stream occasionally, not often though.

I bought one of the $25 Walmart streamers to test the remote. You can now get it on aliexpress:

The issue happens almost all the time with this new remote if you hold channel button more than 1s. It must send inputs at a higher rate than the 4k stream remote.

This bug has been fixed in the latest apk beta.

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Thanks for the fast fix!

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