Issues with VC-1 codec playback

I searched the forum on this and the only few threads I found didn't seem to cover what I am seeing exactly so I decided to create a new thread.

On any bluray rips I have with the VC-1 codec won't play well on the Apple TV device. It will play fine for about 1 minute or so then the video playback seems start playing in slow motion but the audio stills plays fine. Everything then gets out of sync and after about 10-15 seconds of this the video starts playing really fast to catch up to the audio. It will then go back to playing normal for another minute or so then repeats the same thing above all over again.

I know there are issues like this with the VC-1 codec. I see the same issue when I tested it in Plex and Emby if the video file is being direct played. If it is being transcoded then it also plays back fine but that is because that is the purpose of transcoding on the fly.

I submitted diagnostics from the Apple TV app when it happened and I played around the experimental settings for playback both for audio and video and that didn't change anything.

Is this a known issue or is there some setting I can play with that may fix it if it's a known issue?

If not, then I may just re-encode those files to h.264. It comprises about 20 movies of my 900+ ripped bluray collection.