Jan 6 hearings disappearing from guide

I had set up a pass to record the January 6th hearings on PBS 9.1 (SF bay area) main subchannel last week and checked the guide status to verify. On Monday (June 20) I checked and the recordings no longer showed up as being scheduled in the guide. They didn't even show up in the guide for 9.1 anymore. However, PBS did air the hearings yesterday (June 21) on the 9.1 subchannel, but still did not show up in the guide.

Please correct this situation or provide a manual recording option to use when the guide data is wrong.

I use CNN to record it work fine

Thanks, I imagine it does. But that worn't work unless one has cable/satellite/streaming TV service. I wanted to recored the OTA broadcast.

they are postponed until July

The article I read said tomorrow's (6/23) hearing will go on as scheduled. There are two more scheduled that are now postponed to July.

Please screenshot what you see in the dvr guide and what's shown on zap2it.com

Unfortunately, Channels does not control the guide data. It is provided by a third-party (Gracenote). If you are using an HDHomeRun tuner, your best route to address guide discrepancies is through SiliconDust. Otherwise, the aforementioned zap2it is another way to go for guide support (as they are also affiliated with Gracenote).

Barring those two options, you may want to reach out to your PBS station to ensure that they are actually submitting the correct guide data. (Believe it or not, but sometimes the network itself says they're going to air one thing, and actually air something else. Yes, it really does happen.)

As far as manual recording for a given date/time/duration, there is an extensive thread about that topic:

To add on to what others has said, the problem is in the guide data. When you set up a pass, the hearings may have had a Program ID of 123456789, but before it aired they changed the Program ID to 123456780. It happened to me during NFL Playoffs time, so could definitely see it happening here.

You could set up an Advanced Pass that goes by Title instead of Program ID. I have bunches of those for stuff that runs intermitently. For this in specific, though, since the times keep changing and getting pushed, I would just watch them on PBS's YouTube page. This is what we are doing so we don't have to worry about when they start and end and can fast forward through all the talking heads

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I like that I use title Contains a lot ... do not always trust the Program ID.



January 6 Hearings
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