Javascript experience is handy when you can't handle change!

I dunno where this should go? Sounds hacky, so hacks it is! :joy:

2 hours of hackin' away in Tampermonkey later... and I still might make a few tweaks but.. at least it feels tolerable on my massive 32-inch screen... :sweat_smile:

I've read all the reasons for the changes... (in the now closed thread... Wish I had known! Channels has been so stable that, funny enough, I haven't needed to visit the community much recently... :rofl:)

Beyond the emptiness, my extremely neurodivergent brain just can't handle the unevenness of the columns (or the orange icon in the upper right...) I appreciate you trying new stuff & making changes that (hopefully) will improve the experience for some/most folks, but... yeah... +1 for the old way.

Oddly enough: chaos was waaaay more comforting to me than order! And nicer to look at on a massive screen (where I do 99.999999% of my server interaction).

I sincerely wish we could pin quick actions/shortcuts to actions on the sidebar. I find myself forcing Personal Media pruning far more often than I should, but I'm having to resort to keeping a 2nd tab open for quick access. That might at least make all this somewhat worth it to me...

Life goes on! is what I will continue to repeat to myself until I get used to it... :joy:

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I want this too.


Latest pre-release makes the columns equal height:

A Quick Actions button was added to the navigation bar with the latest pre-release:

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Excellent addition. On mobile however these are all the way over on the left:

Eww, so much for Apple's testing tools. I'll take a look.

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This has been resolved in the latest pre-release with a refreshed navigation bar:

Is there a reason that clicking on "Channels DVR Server" in the top menu doesn't go to the Status page? It makes no sense to me that it would go to shows to play. Maybe it should be re-labeled "Home" or something if it's not going to show the status of the server.

This thread has gotten a bit off topic. Iā€™m gonna close it for now.

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Please read the release notes of the latest release.