Jerky unwatchable video from latest testflight build

@tmm1 I just had testflight auto update to the latest build on my ATV. all video was jerky and unwatchable. I tried playing a prerecorded tve source as well as tve from the guide live. Sorry i didnt do any hdhr sources as i didnt think of that. I submitted diagnostics then rolled back to an earlier build and the problem went away.

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@tmm1 here is a video
6.2.528 has the issue, Tve stutters, hdhr freezes 6.2.236

Same here. Last AppleTV beta build 2022 (6.2.528).. totally unwatchable
reverted to beta 5.31.354

No issues here. live tv or recordings.

I am using experimental decoder.

Looking into this. Seeing it here on tvOS with Experimental video on mpeg2 and h264. Seems fine with Default video.

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Fix incoming.


Confirming the latest beta fixed the issue for me.


All good thanks