Jittery and pulsating picture on Apple TV

Since yesterday I have noticed that the picture only for TVE channels is jittery and pulsating. HDHR channels are normal. This is happening only on Apple TV and not other devices like iPhone or Fire TV. I did try the same TVE video sources on other apps on Apple TV and the picture is normal so this is isolated to TVE channels on the Channels App. App version is 5.5.7 dated October 27. Is anyone else seeing this?

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Did you have the "match content" option selected in your playback settings for your Apple TV. Maybe try and update to the pre-release version to see if it fixes it? What model of Apple TV is it?

@arbeckwith thanks for the suggestion! I changed the match content setting to ON and there was no difference. I tinkered around with some other settings and I found that adjusting one of two default settings fixes it 1) changing the deinterlacing mode to linear 60p or 2) changing the video driver to legacy.

I wasn't familiar with or had ever altered these settings before and I don't know what changed with the latest app version but if anyone else has this trouble, try changing those and it should fix the jitters.

What model Apple TV and what version of tvOS?

@tmm1 it’s an Apple TV 4K 1st gen and tvOS version is 16.1

I'm seeing the same on my apple tv hd - A1625. Playing CBS TVE livestream shows a bunch of dropped output frames playing the direct stream using the default player. Switching to the legacy player reduces, but not completely, the dropped output frames. Setting playback to 8 Mbps with the legacy video player really reduces the dropped frames to a negligible amount. Video bitrate ranges from 7Mbps to 12 Mbps on direct. I don't see these issues on my android clients.

Apple tv client version is 5.5.7
TvOS version is 16.1