Jittery video - DivX

I have a significant number of movies that were transcoded from a DVD to DivX MPEG4 that are stored on a disk on the same server that host the Channels Server.

When I watch them using the Movies interface on Channels the video is jittery, but when I watch using the VLC App on the same FireStick the video is perfect. VLC is accessing the video using it's local network interface where the files exists on a Windows share on the Channels server.

The movies are a variety of resolutions with the one I am using for testing being 720P at 24 FPS.

Can you submit diagnostics after playback

I was just going to update this.

It seems counter-intuitive to me but I changed from Hardware to Software decoding and the video is now smooth.

I assume this controls the decoding on the FireStick itself - correct?

Seems strange that SW would perform better than HW.

Not unusual for FireTV hardware

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Only problem is video using HDHomerun is now jittery, and looks good when switching back to HW.

Do you still want diagnostics?

If you'd like me to investigate then yes I need diagnostics

Diagnostics submitted. About 30 seconds of the intro to Star Trek Nemisus.

2023/02/07 15:13:38.012045 New diagnostic log submitted under e3324917-a922-4794-a7f4-7cfbc9d8404e

Any update?

Nothing obvious in the logs.