Juddering on Live TV & Recordings


Been occasionally experiencing juddering/frame drops on live TV. On last occasion I tried skipping back a few seconds & it played fine

I submitted diagnostics 25 minutes ago


Does the timeline show on the screen when that happens? Or you just notice the video juddering?


No timeline, just visible judder. Looks like it’s dropping a few frames


I’m seeing a lot of stream errors in the diagnostics you just submitted. Usually indicates a bad aerial signal.

Do you see similar problems in the HDHR app? What does my.hdhomerun.com show for Signal Quality/Strength under Tunet Status when watching live.


Not tried the HDHR app but will do next time it occurs

It wasn’t juddering when I took these readings,

Also as I say, if I skip back a few seconds and rewatch the video that stuttered live, it’s fine

PS. This is also on the same channel that has caused previous freezing when skipping through a recording. Whilst that’s largely resolved I just had another about an hour ago that required a reboot. I submitted diagnostics


Another UK user here, making the most of the new 50Hz auto switch! Do you notice this ‘juddering’ when there is something fast moving on screen or camera panning going on? I have been seeing that as well since the update.


I’ve had a long-standing issue with juddering/stuttering, particularly when watching back recordings. My ATV 4K is set to 4K, SDR, 50Hz as default. It happens most when skipping forward (eg skipping past adverts). I usually have to either pause or skip back a couple times to get it to smooth itself out. I’ve never been able to resolve the issue, and I’ve seen it with different TVs and with different ATVs but only with the Channels app.


It’s possible the same bug is triggering this issue on both Android TV and Apple TV, but I’m not sure. There’s a lot more complicated stuff happening on Android TV compared to Apple TV.

I’ve uploaded a new beta (v144) which adds some logging of dropped frames. Please submit diagnostics again when you notice this next and I’ll see if the new logging shows anything useful.


Thanks, I’ll submit next time I see the issue,

Some observations from testing yesterday

I watched a live show on Shield Channels & on PC HDHR app at same time, former had some judder latter was silky smooth. Also, the video on PC stared about 200ms behind the Shield but after about 5 minutes that had increased to 5 seconds & stayed at that for another 10 minutes to the end of my test… Changing channels on both put them back within a fraction of a second of each other then gradually diverged again

Is HDHR buffering a little to provide smoother playback? Might be an option for Channels?

PS. HDHR app on Shield exhibits no juddering either


Just experienced juddering whilst watching a recording, most noticeable on slow moving objects. I’ve just submitted diagnostics, then resumed recording & it was silky smooth, so submitted again so you can compare before & after


I think this is definitely something to do with the way Channels is cacheing the broadcast stream. Every time I notice that the picture has motion ‘judder’ and isn’t smooth I just flick back once so it replays the last 7 seconds, and it is super smooth from there on again.


@tmm1 Just submitted 2 lots of diagnostics about half-hour apart.

1st after juddery playback of a recording, I tried restarting app but same but then played smoother after skipping ads. I rewatched the bit that juddered previously & it was much smoother this time, I then submitted diagnostics again


Just submitted before & after diagnostics again. Playback was juddering & after submitting diagnostics I went straight back into the recording & it was smooth playback, I then immediately submitted the 2nd

Different channel to the last pair of diagnostics


Thanks. It’s a little hard to make sense of thousands of lines of logs. Would be helpful if you noted some time stamps for me to look at. For instance, “noticed juddering at 5:02pm, rewound at 5:03pm and it played back fine”


23:59 - Judder starts
00:04 - Skipped back a few seconds, then pause/play, judder stops
00:07 - no judder until I pause/play, judder starts again
00:10 - took a few random skip forward & back & pause/play, judder stops
00:12 - no judder, submitted diagnostics

Hope that helps


Just looking at another broadcast now on same channel & I need to add that even when I said no judder, there is some very minor compared to what I’m seeing now that’s silky smooth whilst watching completely live.

00:38 - Live - silky smooth
00:41 - Live - tried skipping back/fwd & play/pause - still smooth
00:43 - Recording (same show as above) - smooth
00:46 - Lots of skipping & play/pause - major judder
00:48 - pause/play - very minor judder
00:50 - escape to menu, star playing - smooth for about 5 seconds then minor judder
00:51 - played something else for a few seconds, played the above again, smooth
00:52 - intermittent major juddering
00:55 - submitted diagnostics

PS. I’m using a news channel as the ticker makes the juddering easier to judge


Also worth noting that I only recall seeing this issue with HD channels, SD is consistently smooth


Just submitted another diagnostic, playback of recording

22:31 - Noticed juddering (was probably doing it for a while)
22:34 - Paused for 10 seconds then was fine afterwards


Unfortunately there are no log messages being printed at all for any of the times where you listed juddering was happening. I see a couple frames are dropped right after seeking around, but there is no framedrop happening during regular playback. The buffers also look fine, especially when playing a recording.

Can you try something for me: change your shield language to English (US) instead of GB, and force it to 50hz video. Then reboot the device and see if Channels still shows the juddering isssue.


I’ll try that when I’m next home on Friday. Will also experiment more with HDHR & other video players on Shield to rule out issues with my hardware ie Shield, TV or Amp