Juddering on Live TV & Recordings


Hi @Stuart_Fagg, any luck with the new beta?


Hi Aman
Firstly thanks for the detailed explanation & the beta

I’ve mostly been watching in Software mode today & it’s been near perfect. Just a couple of minor brief judderrs & none of the glitches exhibited in hardware mode. Only real noticeable negative is long FF/RW is less smooth than the other modes & jumps along the timeline more than a smooth progression like the others

Another observation relates to the aspect ratio issue Is posted about previously, all 3 modes behave differently

Software: Perfect behaviour, switches ratio on the fly to suit material
Hybrid: Plays at correct ratio at start of playback but won’t change during
Hardware: Always plays at 16:9


Another day of using software decoding & it’s working fine, just the very rare & brief split-second judder, miles better than the other modes

It would be good to get the hardware or hybrid modes fixed though as they do have slicker responses when skipping etc

Something that occured to me is that Plex recently switched to using Exoplayer v2 , no idea if that’s any help but thought I’d mention it

Let me know if you need any more tests or info off me to assist

Thanks again for your unrivaled support


Thanks for the update. I pushed out an official v2.0.11 with that Decoder option. It will default to hardware, but anyone having issues with green flashes (open happens in some locations) can switch to Software.

I will try to investigate the green flash bug with Hardware some more, but I spent quite a few hours on it already and also contacted Nvidia about it and didn’t make much progress so far.


Watched a couple of shows with lots of slow camera pans today in software mode & noticing lots of micro-stutter. Not as bad as Hybrid but distracting once you notice it.

I’ve settled on hardware mode for now, silky smooth is worth the trade-off of very occasional green flash

Fingers-crossed you can get to the bottom of it :+1:


As an aside, I just submitted diagnostics for a freeze in hardware mode that normally requires a reboot, however, I force closed the app, opened, then changed decoder to software & was able to play without rebooting. Sadly changing back to hardware mode caused another freeze, when I tried to play again, that did require a reboot.

Not sure if that’s useful but thought I’d mention it


Software mode for me also poor with lots of judder