Jump back to last channel (SHIELD)


Is there any way to jump back to the last channel on the Shield TV?


Unfortunately there are not a lot of buttons on the SHIELD remote to work with.

The app in general allows a double-click of the play/pause button to jump to last channel.

On the SHIELD remote, a double-tap of the volume area equals one click of the play/pause button. So if you tap four times, it will jump to the last channel.


I didn’t know about this. I will definitely try it to see how it works. Thank you!


Alternatively you can use the Channels API (https://getchannels.com/api) or a bluetooth keyboard/remote.




I have tried the double tap on pause button on the Shield remote and it doesn't take me back to the previous channel! Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong!


You have to tap four times.