Just want an easy to way to local news

I just bought channels because I wanted to watch my local South Florida news in the morning with coffee. And that is what I did until the new version came out. Now as soon as it opens it begins scanning. It finds nothing then wants to connect to DVR app which I dont have. The other option id to enter the IP adddress of the HD home run. I have no idea what that means. Help! What happened t just watching the local news. I thought Channels was my answer to "cutting the cable" and still getting local antenna stuff. Is there a reset buton somwhare I missed?

The Channels app only works with hdhomerun. How were you using it before? Where is the local news feed coming from?

Yes, I do have HD Homerun. I bought it from Amazon and downloaded the app and started using it a month or two ago. I love the idea of wifi streaming everything through my router. Using the square, black antenna in the window I would direct it to scan and would find 60 channels broadcasted to the "air". From the findings were the local ABC, CBS and NBC news programs local news locak weather local everything. I understand that I can still get these local channels if I buy a more expensive antenna. Except what the black square one you provided was sufficient. The remaining of the 60 some channels it scanned were Florida programing from cooking seafood to vacation adventures. Mostly things I would not watch, But your Homerun box and app was my one way to watch the local news and switch from netflix to amazon then back to the local channels with the same remote. I'd pay the hundred bucks for that! But then with the new version it is not working like that. Can you help me here?

Okay thanks for the clarification.

On my.hdhomerun.com do you see your hdhomerun listed?

In the Channels app, can you click Submit Diagnostics

Are you aware that there are 2 versions of the Channels app? One version is for live TV programming. The other version adds a DVR capability. It sound to me like you started out using the first version, but then switched to DVR version, which won't work without the DVR software installed on a computer somewhere in your house.

Sounds like you need to simply un-install the DVR version of the Channels app and go back to using the live TV version??

Sorry for the lagging reply. Ive been moving my home. When I go to my.hdhomerun.com on my computer. I see detect antenna. I ran the scanner and came up with 40 channels on my computer screen. But I want to see this on my 55 inch Sony ant using the apple tv it wants to connect and scan but finds nothing. I uploaded the diagnostics. From the apple tv connected to the Sony it finds no svans and telles me to connect manually thru 1/ HD HomeRun Tuner or 2/ Channels DVR server. Since I am not a member of the server team I chose HD Home run tuner. Then it wants an IP address " Manually add an HD HomeRun device ising its IP address if it can not be detected..."

Great news! I ran the computer scan from the link that tmm1 sent me I saw it and ran the scan. it fond 40 channels. then I deleted the app on my apple tv . I reloaded it and bingo! works just like you said it would!!! thanks everyone!