"Kids" option on new navigation menu

I just got the new UI rolled out to all my Android devices. Everything is working well so far, but one feature I would like would be the ability to add "Kids" as a category on the navigation bar. We can add TV and Movies already, so it seems like Kids is the only category that is missing. Can we get that as an option?

As mentioned on https://getchannels.com/2020/09/01/channels-3-android-fire-tv/, the Kids section didn't make it in this Android release and will be coming later this year. It is already available on Apple TV.

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Waiting on Kids section for Android. Is this going to happen?
I’m actually looking at it from a different perspective. I would like to hide certain shows from the Library section. Perhaps there is another way to do it.

The Kids section options, episode Auto-Play, Shuffle, Kiosk mode, enhanced Library browsing, and other features are still scheduled. The Android clients always lag behind the Apple clients, as it takes time for features to be ported over.

Thanks, any timeline you can share? For android?

Yes that’s how the kids section works and one reason it’s so great. It gets the kids stuff out of your library.

You can choose if movies and shows are in your main library, the kids section, or both

Thanks for the android beta with collections. I’m not seeing the “kids” in navigation bar. Is that something that will be coming soon?

We don't have an ETA. When development is complete and it works, we will release it to beta.

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ok thanks for your response

Kids Section is now available in beta Android BETA: Enhanced Library & Kids Section