Klowd TV for Channels

I searched but it does not appear anyone has tried https://www.klowdtv.com/watch.ktv with Channels. Anyone? Success?

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I've seen an M3U circulating for KlowdTV, but it's the channels only. 65 of them. Many are geo-restricted to U.S. But there's no associated XML guide data, which, sadly, completely diminishes the appeal.

Sad. I wish it could. I need more sources. Playon, hdhr. Philo. Pluto, samsung, stirr just aren't enough.

Must have more sources. Feed me!!!!

I felt the same until I realized that there's no easy way to manage / navigate that many channels.

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/the Channel Collections feature has entered the chat

I have collections per catagory

Make channel collections. You can create custom groups of stations.

*Reality/Entertainment/Garbage tv my wife like
*Music Channels
*Comedy/Sitcom/Rerun channels