Kodi - What's the correct way to install ChannelsDVR?

Update - I changed skin. Kodi crashed and then everything worked when I reopened it. :confused:

I followed the instructions and installed the repository then the PVR client. It wouldn't find the server so I entered the IP manually and still no channels showing up.

I noticed I can see the add-on through settings but not the add-on tab in the main menu. Does that mean I did something wrong?

Am I supposed to install the Channels Add-on that's through Kodi add-on browser as well?

Deleting, because OP knows everything already.

If you mean the channels addon (in Kodi repo) as noted here:


You do not need this if you are trying to install the repository.fancybits Channels addon.

If this is installed (sounds like it). Then most skins I've used will automatically show the PVR option in the menu. But it is skin dependent , so as a test, try loading the Default Estuary skin and see if the PVR/TV guide then shows up.

Also, it might take a bit to populate the backend, and a restart of kodi may also be required.

Are you for real??? No shit Kodi is a different program. It's also a platform with add-ons. There are Channels DVR standalone clients and there's also a Channels DVR kodi add-on.

To be fair, your original post would be hard to follow without a bit of Kodi knowledge as well as being aware of both the official Kodi addon (which does not setup a PVR) and the addon by Fancybits which does. So I don't think the poster meant anything by his response.

Did I come off that harsh? i'll be gentler next time. :smile:

Just an observation :slight_smile:

I run the same Fancybits addon via kodi, so I might be able to help if you still have issues setting up. A restart of kodi and/or trying Default skin might help get you there.

I was using the default skin at the time. It was weird. Like it needed a couple of reboots to finally kick in.