KTLA5 (6793) stream change?

It looks like KTLA has changed their stream this past week. I can no longer access the stream through Channels, but on their site and through their app there are no problems.

The server that the site pulls from seems to be slightly different than Channels is trying to access.

  • Channels: https://dcs-live.mp.lura.live/server/play/50ZGbepT8XD8SGRA/manifest.m3u8?encp=...
  • KTLA: https://dcs-live-uw1.mp.lura.live/server/play/50ZGbepT8XD8SGRA/rendition.m3u8?track=video-2&...

Ditto. Was working last Friday. Failed on Monday.

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Is this something that might be fixed on the Channels DVR side or did KTLA pull a PBS on us?

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Same, please fix this :sob:. It’s my favorite channel to watch

Same. I used to be able to access this channel via DirecTV and TVE login but now that's not working.

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Uploading possible fix


Working here for me again! Thanks!


I was out of town and was unable to verify until now. Thanks, Aman.