Kudos to the Channels DVR development team

I bought an RCA yagi antenna, a Synology DiskStation 718+ and an HDHomeRun Quattro (four tuners) tuner based on the expectation that Plex was going to be my go-to local channels server. I work in local TV news and want to fill my DiskStation with every local newscast.

I swear I have messed around for HOURS trying to get the Plex DVR to record scheduled newscasts and they almost always fail. It is so frustrating! Research shows me many others are having similar problems.

I don't know how I stumbled on Channels DVR, but I'm grateful I did. The interface is clean, the setup is simple– and most importantly, it works! I just love it. $8/mo.? A bargain.

Thank you development team for such a smart interface.

George Warren
Sacramento, CA


I would have to agree with you 110%. I spent countless hours trying to get a reasonable system setup for just 2 simple Tv's in my house to be able to DVR. I'm not trying to exactly cut-the-cord as others are but just wanted something so I could get rid of my cable boxes and DVR (which only records 2 shows at a time and you can't watch a live show unless its one thats recording.) and be able to set recordings from either Tv.
The setups I've gone through have been extensive, work around, and semi-functional. I heard of Channels at HDhomerun forums and at first glance thought, well thats not gonna do me any good. I took a second glance later on and said, what the heck, I'll try it why not. It took me all but 15 mins to have it up and running, Live Tv has worked flawlessly 99% of the time, and DVR 100%.
The Devs have made an Outstanding piece of software and have continued to do an amazing job. Thank you from Me aswell.


I'm happy to hear about your success. I like Plex; I really like the concept. But for my purposes, it's trying to do too much. Channels DVR is single-purpose driven and I think that's why it works so well.