Labels and naming of imported TV shows

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Is it possible to put a label on a imported TV show, or maybe a label on the folder containing the TV Show. I am migrating from Windows Media Center and have a lot of .WTV files I would like to add to Channels DVR

Could you describe this in more detail?

Do you mean naming your shows and episodes? Channels will do this for you if you conform to the correct naming conventions so that its scanner can determine the show and episodes.

You can learn more about that here:

Year well... I live in Denmark and I don't think your scanner will recognize most of the recordings I have done :slight_smile:
I have seen your guide on the folder structure for movies and TV Shows but just to be clear.
Is it one TV Show per Folder or can I put several files into the same folder.
As of now I have 3 files in a folder called TV. It is just random filenames like for example
"12 Years a Slave_DR2_2022_01_28_20_49_23" auto generated by MCE.
In the library there are just a date for each recording - first of January 1970 i believe which isn't of much help. Is there anyway I can get to see the file names (Then I can rename them) or maybe attach a label image or something.

I also - is it only possible to add Channels recordings to collections or can that be done to local content?

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Yes, you can use any content in your library to collections. Channels does not differentiate between imported or recorded content.

Ahh, ok. Right now there's no way to manage the title, etc. We're working on that for the future.

Each show should be in it's own folder. For example:

/tv/The Office/Season 1/1x01.mkv
/tv/The Office/Season 1/1x02.mkv
/tv/The Office/Season 2/2x03.mkv
/tv/Friends/Season 3/3x10.mkv
/tv/Friends/Season 3/3x11.mkv
/tv/Yellowstone/Season 1/1x10.mkv

Is it possibly to edit the metadata of the “local content” data to get some kind of useful information in the tv show overview.
If you look at the screenshot you only see a date on 3 files at the last one there is a realistic date and a title. Where does channels retrieve that information.?

From the post immediately before this:

So, it is planned, but not implemented. This is a frequently requested feature, but there has been no ETA given.

Metadata for imported TV shows comes from Gracenote. Again, there are requests to allow alternate providers (TVDB, TMDB, etc.), but presently only Gracenote is used. (Metadata for movies uses TMDB by default, but can also use Gracenote.)

Excuse me for keep digging into this, but I really would like to be able to use this feature :slightly_smiling_face:
So... When I schedule a normal recording through the EPG some EPG information are stored along with the mpg. file.
Image, description, channel no. etc. Are there a recording db file located somewhere storing this information.
I was thinking that the local content could be added manually to the recording DB.
Am I way off here??

You cannot access or manipulate the database. As we said, right now, you can’t edit the metadata.

It was worth a shot :slight_smile:
So.. as of right now, if local content has no references in TVDB or Gracenote there is no way I can add some kind of headline to make it recognizable in the library folder, which makes it kind of useless to me.

You sort of have it correct. Here is how it stands:

  • For Movies, metadata matches are pulled from TMDB or Gracenote.
  • For TV Shows, metadata matches are pulled only from Gracenote.

Also, there is currently no way to manually change the metadata. (You can change the filename on disk, and that may change how metadata matches.)

Note: TMDB is different from TVDB.

A very simple way to give some kind of help to the user would be to show folder names in the root Of the library, then I could create a folder for each tv show and be lead to the directory that way.

While not exactly what you are asking for, this feature already exists in one form. If you enable the Enhanced Library feature, then you can choose to browse by folder.

Then I am probably doing it wrong.
I have 3 folders in a subdirectory to the tv folder called test1 to test3. In the root I see channels logo an number 1 in top right corner.
When I press the folder I can see the name of it.
But not in the root.
Maybe my folder structure is wrong then

No, you're not. Browsing by folder is only enabled for movies; my mistake, as I thought it was for both movies and TV shows. Also, I don't know if it is enabled by default, but the option to enable/disable browsing by folder—for movies only—is found in Settings > Library > Enhanced Library > Browse by Folder.

It does seem odd that movies are handled quite differently from TV shows; however, that is the present state of things.

I have it enabled.
Adding folder names seems like an option but I don’t know if it affecting other parts of the ui.

Putting movies into arbitrary top-level folders will only affect the "Browse by Folder" view. Otherwise, everything is essentially imported "flat", with other sorting limited to title, genre, or year. Essentially, using different folders allows for you to add an additional type of sort/category view specific to movies; such a feature is especially helpful if you have a large number of imported movies, or if you share your movie imports with other software, such as Plex/Infuse.

Maddox - Wouldn't it be possible to add folder names in the root library


Does this help?
Beta: Metadata Editing

I will give it a try.
Thank you for the update