Lag time after Tivo Stream 4K client power on to get latest recordings

Hi, when I turn on a client (Tivo Stream 4K) to access recordings that happened earlier, it takes a noticeable amount of time for the Tivo Stream 4K client to get a current list of recordings. Most times I need to force stop the Channels DVR app on the Tivo Stream, then restart it to "wake up" the Channels app running on the Tivo Stream 4K that there are new recordings. Not terrible, but has anyone else seen this and have a suggestion? Running Channels a Synology NAS and the Channels client is the Beta running on a Tivo Stream 4K that is Ethernet connected and has 300+ Mbps to Channels DVR server running on the NAS.

How many recordings do you have


something is not right here.

Not necessarily. My own personal experiments showed ~280Mbps over Ethernet on the TS4K. (Remember, that bits, not bytes; 300Mbps=75MB/s.)

(The USB-C port on the TS4K is still only USB 2.0, which maxes out at 450Mbps, IIRC.)