Laptop UI not working, but clients are working

Any updates on what might be going on?
I cannot Submit Diagnostics.
Using web ui :
I can create a recording from web ui.
I can make changes to Custom Channels.
I can see the Guide.
Cannot do these:
I cannot Play a channel, it shows the splash screen for the channel but then spinning circle.
I cannot Submit Diagnostics, this is the weird one, it just does a spinning circle,

Can you view the log and read the last few lines after it fails at playing video or submitting diagnostics?

Another crazy thing:
The Log shows nothing about me trying to play a channel.
Log Shows nothing about me Submitting Diagnostics and getting spinning circle which I also did in addition to trying to play a channel

2022/11/07 17:53:03.973411 [TVE] stream timestamps: fnc: start_at=2022-11-07T17:52:03-06:00 end_at=2022-11-07T17:52:32-06:00 live_delay=27.785711s
2022/11/07 17:53:03.973411 [TNR] Opened connection to TVE-ATTOTT for ch6073 FNC
2022/11/07 18:05:10.296103 [SNR] Buffer statistics for (Bath) for ch6073 FNC: buf=0% drop=0%
2022/11/07 18:05:10.335288 [TNR] Closed connection to TVE-ATTOTT for ch6073 FNC
2022/11/08 07:10:51.785850 [TVE] stream timestamps: cbssports: start_at=2022-11-08T07:09:46-06:00 end_at=2022-11-08T07:10:10-06:00 live_delay=35.4018505s
2022/11/08 07:10:51.785850 [TNR] Opened connection to TVE-ATTOTT for ch6196 CBSSPORTS
2022/11/08 07:11:02.820227 [SNR] Buffer statistics for (Owner’s iPhone) for ch6196 CBSSPORTS: buf=0% drop=0%
2022/11/08 07:11:02.830610 [TNR] Closed connection to TVE-ATTOTT for ch6196 CBSSPORTS

I did play a channel using iPhone app
That’s all that shows in Log.

Open Task Manager and find all the channels-dvr.exe

Is there more than one?

Try to kill them all, then use Start Menu to run Channels DVR again

That did it. Open Task Manager, only one, kill it and Restart.
Thanks for help and responses to all, as usual always GREAT.

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Great. Go ahead and submit diagnostics now

Submit Diagnostics now works.
I sent email to Channels Support with this tag:

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