Last 36 hours the latest ATV betas volume fades

Client beta: 3.9.50
Server beta: 2022.03.09.0225

This occurs in live or recorded shows.
Volume fades slowly in and out, from crystal clear to somewhat muted.
This cycles repeatedly throughout a show.

Shows no errors in logs.

Tried all the client betas to February (2.24.429)
Does appear to happen in the ATV beta clients as far back so I suspect it's in the window server became it only showed up in the last 48 hours or so

Sounds like a tvOS issue. Did you reboot the ATV

Thanks for the response. That's the one thing that slipped my mind to try.

Playing a show now... so far so good, appears gone, thank you @tmm1!

No after 10-15 minutes it's back

It's a subtle fluctuation, from clear to sounding like it's talking through a mask.

Turned off the atmos receiver. Running through the tv speakers exclusively .. it's gone.

Restarted the Devon receiver. Still there. Something with the incoming audio into the receiver appears to have changed a bit, no big deal
I've not changed any of its settings in 2 years.

Trying Prime/Disney/YouTube/Netflix ..

Sound does not change in any of these.

So now I'm thinking maybe it's DirecTV Stream?

How does your DirecTV Stream account integrate with Channels? If it's just for authorizing the TVE streams that Channels DVR can work with, that wouldn't be an applicable explanation here.

It's worked for years. Before it was atttv through now.

I ran it along with the satellite version of directv while I proved to my wife channels was viable solution when channels began.

We noticed the fluctuation night before last. Perhaps it started before that I don't know.

Nothing has changed here except for the beta updates.

Did however notice that it took approximately 10 minutes for the issue to crop up after the atv4k reboot.

Sounds to me more like a volume leveling feature of your receiver. Something like TruVolume or a similar feature.

Agreed. Thanks for the suggestion.

For this Denon model it's Audio>Audyseys>Dynamic Volume.
Settings are Off/Light/Medium/Heavy. Itslways been set to Light.

However the issue has disappeared for the time being. Very odd. That's where I'll start should it crop up again.