Lastest Beta Crashes, Fails to Launch

Hello! Every morning I go into the beta app and check for an update, to know if I need to update the Carbon theme. I do this on my phone, a rooted OnePlus 5t running an Android 11 custom ROM.

The lastest Beta doesn't fully launch and I get a Force Crash upon startup.

Here is the app info:

Android info:

App crash:

Crash log:

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Yep, had this too.... had to revert to stable release to get it to open.... :slight_smile:

Android 11?

Yes, Android 11

Good. Well, I mean, not good, but now we know it's A11, and not just me anyways. There's no way I would put my phone back to a stock OS.

Damn. Sorry, it's early. Anyone running A10 or earlier have the same issue?

Stock OS 11 here on Samsung S20FE. Same issue.

New beta v4.30.1655 uploaded with fix.

Thank you sir. Was the log helpful at all?

Yes quite helpful.