Latest Android Beta Crashing and FF And FR very slow

I updated to the latest android beta prerelease today and the app is virtually not usaable. It periotictly crashes when fast forwarding or huge delay after two presses of the right button. Sometimes as long as 30 seconds or just crashes.
Behavior is on Shield TV and Fire TV 4K

But the previous Andriod beta works perfectly? Does it work on other clients? I'm sure the devs will take a look at the diagnostics you submitted and get back to you.

Yea unfortuantely once you upgrade you can't go back to previous version that worked. Should have learned but it was well over a month since it was updated.

When my client on my Shield gets finicky, I generally wipe the data and reset it and all is well. Uninstall/reinstall would do the same thing.

I have done that. Did not help. Besides it occured on two platforms. And I have not had any issues till today.

I always assumed Amazon's "Fire" line was Android with their skin on it. Anyone know how far off-base I am?

What happens when it crashes?

The Screen when black and I could only recover by hitting the home button on the remote to get back to the android home screen.