Latest Beta Crashes on Start

Things were fine yesterday. This morning the app just won't open.

Any guidance?

Server Version: 2021.03.31.2356

yea it started happening to me on the latest betas, the multiple ones that came out yesterday trying to fix the top shelf.

After a while the app would do what you describe. The only solution is to delete and then reinstall but it happens again after a while.

I downgraded to 4.1.2136 and so far it’s been working.

I was going to email @tmm1 later about it. No idea how to send diagnostics when it happens because it will never launch until you uninstall. Not sure if diagnostics sent from a reinstall still captures previous data.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm pretty sure I can expect to lose my favorites if I delete as they're stored local, yea? Otherwise I've no issue with downgrading as well.

We're taking a look. You can go into TestFlight and install an older build without uninstalling first.

Tried that with 4.1.2136 as AeroR1 suggested. Still crashes, if that's of any help there.

What about older builds? Is the stable App Store build also crashing?

Just installed the App Store build. It's working fine.

Just happened to me on that build. It was running fine for hours but it crashes as soon as I started channel surfing. Looks like it happens when you interact with it numerous times in a row.

It won’t launch so I installed the paid stable App Store version and the dvr version and they seem to work, for now.

Just downgraded to 3.26.2329 on top of the broken one and it launches now. Let’s see if that crashes.

I edited my post. I'm gonna stick with the App Store build for now. Thanks.

Should be fixed in latest TestFlight build.

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