Latest release unable to play from up next

I cannot start a recording from up next but can from recordings.

Diagnostics submitted

Looks like it works from Library but not from More or Up Next top-level navigation tab

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Similarly, from the top-level Collections tab, collections cannot be opened. (Fire TV Stick 4K on v2022.09.28.2205)

Does it work now with the new beta that just went out?

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Selection in the top-level Up Next tab is still broken on v2022.09.29.0228 on Fire TV Stick 4K. As soon as the selection is changed, nothing can be opened.

v2022.09.29.0226 is what I am on which was released yesterday to fix that there must have been another release that broke it.

Having the same problem on my Sony w/Android. tvOS works fine. Is this a server issue or client issue? Currently running dvr beta 2022.09.29.0034 on Synology. Let me know if there's anything I can provide to help.

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The selection issue I was seeing on Fire TV Stick 4K is fixed in v2022.09.29.2254.

I tested this morning with the 10.1.100 android tv client and 2022.10.01.1300 dvr server on synology and it seems to be working now.


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