Latest tvOS Build Freezing

Recorded and live shows all freeze as soon as I open them. If I turn off the "Experimental" audio driver, it will work again. Need the "experimental" audio for my HomePod connection.

Had to roll back to the previous build to get the lockup to stop.

What version number build are you referring to?

Does the homepod not work with the regular driver?

Had to stop using 1.29.2049 and roll back to 1.29.104. If I use the regular audio driver, I have the problem I have always had with my HomePods - the audio is is 2-4 seconds out of sync and it has difficulty skipping forward & backward.

Okay thanks. I'm uploading a new TestFlight build now which should restore the old experimental driver behavior.

I've also added more diagnostics to the default driver. Could you submit from the app after updating, selecting default and attempting playback to the homepods.

Using latest now - 1.30.157. Audio driver set to default and diagnostics submitted.

Note: I’m using Apple TV 4K tvOS 14.4(1K802), stereo HomePod setup, Apple TV audio output set to ‘Auto’, and HomePods linked to Apple TV with its ‘Default Audio Output’ feature.

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