Latest update is just wonky

I've got the skip button popping up during the show. Skipping takes over 10 seconds. Getting random blips during live shows. Funny thing is I didn't get it on the alpha but had to delete the alpha because two channels apps take up a bit of space.

You can adjust your Commercial Skip settings in the app. Maybe it was set differently in the alpha?

I don't think settings have anything to do with the button being displayed during the show. That seems like a glitch. And sometimes it takes 10+ seconds after hitting skip to get to the show again. Sometimes it's quick, but it's just random what I'm going to get. Wasn't like that on either count in the previous stable version.

Nothing changed in that area since the alpha. Sounds like a network issue, maybe WiFi interference or something

The button will appear any time comskip thinks a commercial break has started. Sometimes it gets it wrong. That’s not a bug, just a reminder that comskip isn’t 100% accurate.

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Ahh. Didn't know that. Makes sense.

If you don't like the button, you can change the commercial skip behavior to "Manual". Then the button won't appear; commercial segments will still be indicated on the timeline, and you can skip to the next marker using a double press of FFWD or Right, or by pressing Next.

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Did not know that's how that menu option worked. Since I have the skip button on the TS4k remote, I can do manual so I don't see it at all. Thanks!