Latest Update not working 3.2.14 (Legacy tuners showing black screen on channel change)


Thanks for the investigation, the update on the likely cause and the upcoming fix!


3.2.15 is out with the fix!


Hi. I tried 3.2.15 with my old legacy tuner late yesterday.

I am happy to report that, so far, the tuning/playback issue (apparently introduced in 3.2.14) appears to be gone. It is great that I no longer need to try multiple times to tune a channel/program!

Also, maybe it is unrelated to the changes made to address the tuning/playback issue but: It seems to me that the PQ is somewhat better than before. Could this be related to UDP packets being processed "better" upon receipt by the ATV-device/Channels-app? Maybe it is just my imagination...

Finally: I received my EXTEND tuner and will be adding it to my home network shortly.

Thank you again for this fix!