Legacy HDHR Tuner Support?


Yes, also support this…my wife continues to complain about this. she’d like to just be able to “have it work” and finds the extra button clicks irritating. I get that.


If the app is in the video player when you leave (by clicking home), it should launch into the player right away when you return to the app. Maybe that’s not working as intended.


I’ll try that … but it’s not really the same thing as it would only work “sometimes” :slight_smile:

Would prefer an option (for those who want it) so that program always comes up on a full-screen Live tv channel, that channel being the last one watched, regardless of what was on screen on last run of app, or whether app ha been quit or box rebooted?



The FAQs on your support page suggest that the HDHR Dual is supported only for the Apple versions of the Channels DVR and Channels apps. Are the HDHR Dual tuners in fact fully functional in the Fire TV app? What about the various non-iOS DVR implementations (Windows, Synology, etc)? Like most Windows Media Center DVR users, I have a number of legacy Silicon Dust tuners (I have four Duals) that I’d rather not replace.


Legacy tuners are supported in all our products.