Legacy HDHR Tuner Support?


I’ve been using Channels on my iPad and have 3 X legacy HDHR DVB-T tuners, which work great.

I saw Channels is available now for my main TV box, an nVidia Shield TV Pro 2017.
Downloaded and couldn’t get to work. Realised that Android TV version has no legacy tuner support.
Uninstalled and got refund!

Is there any plan to add legacy tuner support to the Android TV verison?

Apologies if this has all been discussed before, new to these forums.



Legacy support is planned, but did not make it into version 1.0. We were also curious to see if people were interested in legacy support or not.

I can let you know once we add support so you can try it out again.



Thanks for your reply and I really hope support for legacy tuners makes it into The Android TV version soon.
I think I wouldn’t be a lone voice on this, there is still a LOT of the old HDHomeruns around that work just fine and are giving sterling service!



I went ahead and implemented basic support for legacy models, which should work for you since you already have things configured using Channels on other platforms.

To try it out, purchase the app again and then opt-in to the beta version using https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.getchannels.app

Let me know how it works out for you.


Didn’t go very well actually! :slight_smile:

I re-installed the App, joined the Beta program.
Play Store offers me an update, but when I click on it, it offers me an “Open” button not an “Update” button so I can’t really go any further … only have about 1.5 hours before I need to uninstall AGAIN to get my money back :slight_smile:




If you open the app, what is the version listed on the About tab?

We can issue a manual refund past the 2h window if things don’t work for you.


1.0.2 is the listed version.

My Tuners are recognised but 0 channels available, as before.



It should say Channels Beta on the About tab. The new code will load your channels and should play them as expected. I tested with my legacy tuner here.


It should have updated by now. Maybe try uninstall and reinstall?


OK! Got it now … went back after half an hour and tried again and the Update button was showing OK.
All my Channels appeared and seem to be working.

To be honest I’m trying to work out if your App offers significantly more than the built-in Live Channels app or the HDHomerun app, as it it quite expensive here in Australia (AUD $33.99) and still doesn’t have DVR.

But thanks for your efforts.



Had a good play around and have decided to keep! :slight_smile:
Hope you plan to continue development to give feature parity with iOS etc?




Which features are you missing?



Probably nothing much! :smile:
More little things …

Two things I miss already from the Android TV “Live Channels” app.

1 - When you run it, it automagically comes up on the last channel you were watching, no menus, straight in …
Could this be an alternate “mode” for your app? A toggle in setup/prefs so that those who want it this way can have it?

2 - In “Live Channels”, hitting “Up” or “Down” just takes you to the previous/next channel, one key press. Or in fact keep hitting up or down keys to get to the channel you want, when you stop it, it then selects that channel.

I know in your App I can hit “Down” and then scroll Left or Right and then hit “Ok” to select a new channel, but this is many more key strokes (at least 3?) and not necessarily as intuitive for “less technical” users like my Mother :slight_smile:

Could this be also an alternate “mode” for your app? A toggle in setup/prefs so those who want it this way can have it?
Would need to (also) work on Favourites so it just cycled through the channels in the order they have been arranged, and when it got to “last” channel it just cycled around to the first, and obviously showing you with the banner which channel you are on so you can stop hitting up/down and let it select, if that makes sense?

These two features combined would make it pretty much perfect!

Obviously would also be interested in trying Channels DVR if it ever comes to Australia as well as looking to replace my DVR. I have an IceTV subscription for that which supplies guide data.

Hope you don’t mind me barging in here as a noob with all these ideas! :slight_smile:



@tmm1 any thoughts on my suggestions above?



If you use a bluetooth keyboard, harmony remote or FLIRC, you can configure your remote to send PAGE UP/DOWN commands which will change the channel. This currently works with All channels, and does not automatically wrap around.


Ok, I do have a BT keyboard so I’ll try that.
However I’m trying to use a Harmony 700 as my “main” remote (IR Only) and I’m not sure that Page Up/Down are mappable onto that … I can’t remember seeing it but its been a while so I’ll have to go look again and report back.

Any chance a future build could have it work on Favourites only if that is what you have pre-selected previously and “wrap around”?

What about the option for it to come up on the last channel you were watching?



At the moment we are working on feature parity compared to the Apple TV app. New features will come later.

All our apps require you to pick a channel before it plays, to conserve tuners for DVR etc. This is probably not going to change any time soon.

For channel changing… it’s possible we could add an option to change only between Favorites. Wrap-around is also possible.


Ok, thanks, looking forward to seeing what you get around to.
The changing between Favourites and wrap-around would eb good additions I think?

In my case I have 6 tuners so reserving up one for “Live” is not an issue, but I can see it would be if you have several installs of “Channels” etc so I do see the issue with the DVR



Let me know if you figure out how to do this.


Can’t seem to figure out a way …