LG web OS


Hello, just bought a new LG tv and must say the os is great are there any plans for a native app?

Many thanks


tvOS and iOS will remain the focus for the time being, but we’ll explore other platforms as time moves on.


Cool thanks, love my Apple TV app just feeling a little underwhelmed with the UK content other that channels and infuse


Any news on webos3



SmartTV versions aren’t on the roadmap at the moment.


Just wanted to know if there’s any prospect of an LG webOS version.

I have an LG Smart TV and it does pretty much everything without having to resort to other devices plugged in, but Channels is a very noticeable exception which hasn’t been developed.


Sorry, there’s no current plans to expand to other platforms at the moment. We’re heads down on making the ones we have as good as possible right now.


Another vote for LG webOS if/when you decide to expand to additional platforms.


Yep me too would be ace


Me, too.

Know that @maddox has a 2016 LG 4K (think @tmm1 also has a later model)…so if any TV platforms are added, I’d suspect that the LG would be the first one. :grin: