Library channel collection

It would be great to have library channel collections. My wife likes dozens of shows found on only four channels: HGTV, DIY, FOOD, COOKING. It would be so great if she could look at all recorded shows from only those four channels.

I did set up a library collection for her using a few existing genres, but it’s not doing what I want it to do.


Could you use Labels?
I was thinking it would be nice if you could set Labels at recording time by putting the Labels in the Passes that record them.


Exactly! If I could put a custom label, such as “Wife” into a pass when it was created or edited, then I could get the library collection to work perfectly.

If you create a Feature Request for adding Labels to Passes, I'll vote for it!

There’s already an existing feature request for this! I voted for it.

Well, it might be a good time to bring this back to life from March... :slight_smile: So far it already has 12 votes.

Nice find. On my way to the voting place... vote cast

The problem is that a pass is generic, and there can be multiple passes/rules that match a single recording. If a label was part of a pass, when it was applied may be confusing. It is for this reason that I believe labels can only be applied to items in the library, rather than after.

(Also, passes schedule something to happen, and labels are applied after something has happened. Yes, on the surface it seems not important. But it has deeper implications.)

Gotcha. Well, it’s just a feature request.

If there’s another way to sort all recordings from a set of specific channels into a library collection, that would be great!

OK. I managed to get a label and collection for me, another for my wife, and an “Our Shows” collection using the ‘none’ option. New shows just show up in “Our Shows,” which is nice. I can just add a label and they’ll show up in the right collection and disappear from “Our Shows.” Not a bad workaround.

Only glitch is, our movies are showing up as a group called “Movies” in “Our Shows” TV Shows collection! This even though I duplicated the same rules for two movie collections! Not a big problem, just an annoyance.

On which device?

Can you please show us a screenshot of this Movies group. This is a bug if it's what I think it is.

Also, please submit diagnostics from your Channels DVR Server web admin.

Replied via email.

On the Channels DVR Server web admin on the Library Collections page, the “Movies” group does not appear. It DOES appear on all the clients. I attached photos taken with my iPhone of the group as well as a photo of the Show Collections from the Channels app on FireTV. Same result on AppleTV4K 2021 64Gb.

The Movies group appears as if it were an actual TV Show with six episodes. Five of the “episodes” are actually Sinatra movies I haven’t seen, and the new Minions movie which I have seen!

That bug should be fixed in the DVR prerelease.

Thanks. No biggie. BTW, duh, my email bounced to no reply address. Here are the photos: