Pre-Release access for DVR subscribers

Development philosophy

  • the Channels and Channels DVR Server software is built using continuous deployment methodology
  • every change to the codebase is automatically deployed, and made available as a prerelease build to subscribers
  • on days of heavy development, several beta and prerelease builds may be published

Channels apps

Apple devices

Beta versions are distributed via Apple's TestFlight app. Click this TestFlight invite link from an iPhone or iPad to join the beta program.

Android devices

Beta releases of the android APK are published to the Play Store, and also available for side-loading.

Automatic Sideload (recommend)

To install the Channels beta as a separate app on your device, simply go into the stable Channels app and select Settings > Support > Beta Testing > Install Beta App

Play Store

You can opt-in or opt-out of the beta process directly on the Play Store

Manual Sideload

You may also download the apk and sideload it manually. This can be helpful when using Android emulators like BlueStacks or the new Android Subsystem in Windows 11

The simplest way to sideload the beta APK is via the Downloader app:

  1. Install Downloader by AFTVnews from the Play Store or Amazon Store
  2. Enter 697374 or

Sideloading can also done via the adb developer tool:

  • enable developer mode on your android device
  • use adb connect <ip> from your computer to connect to the android device
  • use adb install channels-dvr-xxx.apk to install the APK

On Windows 11, you can also find GUI helpers for Android subsystem on the Windows Store which will let you drag-and-drop the APK to install it.


The kodi add-on is an experimental client, currently only available in beta. It integrates with Kodi Matrix/Nexus as a PVR plugin.


To install the add-on, follow these steps:

  1. Setup repository

    • click Settings > File manager > Add source
    • click <None> and enter
    • enter channels-kodi for name, then hit OK to save
  2. Install repository

    • click Settings > Add-ons > Install from zip file
    • click on channels-kodi then select
  3. Install addon

    • click Settings > Add-ons > Install from repository > Channels Add-on Repository
    • click PVR clients > Channels DVR Client > Install

Channels DVR server

The DVR server software has a built-in auto-update mechanism that works the same way across all operating system and environments, including NAS apps and containers like Docker.

Updating to prerelease

On the DVR web UI, select Status > Version > Check For Update > Check for Pre-Release

RPI Image

Our Raspberry Pi Disk Image also supports built-in auto-update. Beta versions can be installed via the web UI, under Operating System > Version