Library Collections section headers go missing in v2023 3.22.205

With v2023 3.22.205 installed, I can't see the "Movies" or "TV Shows" headers on this screen, and can't exit this screen by tapping "back" either, I have to force-quit the app:

Reverting to v2023 3.22.26 brings it back to normal:

I am seeing the same here with one difference: If I enter the collection itself (Watched Movies) and then hit the back button, it does take me back to the Collections screen and now I can see the header for Movies but TV Shows is missing.

This is on tvOS adn iOS. On iOS the header for the collections says Null though instead of being blank like it is on tvOS.

Yep, same here. Thanks for corroborating. I spend a lot of time in TV Shows - Collections so I've reverted to the previous TestFlight, for now.

I didn't see it listed as a fix in the last beta app update, but thought I would mention that it is fixed on my device.

We rolled back the performance improvements for now until the issue can be resolved.

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Ah, gotcha.