Library Collections

Will Library collections be coming to android in future updates?


Excellent! Thanks

Available in beta now.


Just found that I can add Channels to my Kids Fire, no sidelining required, which is excellent. However the one thing I don't see able to do is see Library Collections.They have Channels DVR 4.6.3 on their tablets, I am up to date on the server app running on my Synology NAS, however I am unable to even select Collections in the Client Settings. I have enabled Library for Main Navigation but they only see TV Shows and Movies in the menu, not Library so can't get to Collections. I have tried turning on and off both Kids Mode and Kiosk Mode, neither of which make a difference. Have I missed something? Thank you.

Do you mean Kids Only Mode?

The library section isn’t shown in this mode. But movie and tv collections are shown in their respective sections.

Be sure you have the collections’ Library Visibility set to Kids or Both so they show up.