Library filters

Hi all,

I'm new with channels. I really like it.
I was thinking obout adding some movies from HBO max and Netflix into the library, however I haven't been able to find filters (Comedy, Drama, ..) (Netflix, HBO Max, ...)
I can see some of these filters in the DVR server but not in the android app.

Am I missing something? Is it possible to add?


Those are parts of the "Enhanced Library" that was part of the 4.0 version refresh to Apple clients. While most of the new features in that version were brought to Android clients in the version 3.0 release, some features have not been ported over yet.

The Enhanced Library, auto-play, and other features are on their way, but not released yet.

Thanks so much!
Just knowing that will be there in the near future is enough.

Is there any ETA? Next month or 2 ?

It'll be released when it's ready. Time frames are not given, nor should they be. (Having to rush a feature out when it's incomplete to meet some arbitrary date previously given leads to poor UX.)