Library has no titles in Up Next

Some appear, but most of my recordings in the "Up Next" section have no info. I see a grid on my screen with the channels symbol, dates appear underneath them when highlighting them. You can only find out what they are by clicking on them. Not even sure what is supposed to be in this section, looks pretty random.

Have you made any manual recordings, or just vanilla ones from the guide? Can you provide a picture or screenshot?

Hi from the guide, mostly m3u sources I think.

Hmm this is possibly caused by missing guide data in the M3u sources. When you click on one does it show the show title and episode data correctly?

Yes, show title and info is there when you click on it. Just highlighting the item brings up the date only

Can you show the text in the m3u for one of the affected programs?

The M3U playlist would not have much input as to what is displayed in the Library. The relevant information would be from the associated XMLTV file used for EPG data.

All the info is there you just need to click on the item in order to see it, the screen with just graphics I posted above is useless, it needs text