Library missing on ATV App

Library Missing from AppleTV.
Running v4.4.5 on ATV, and DVR version 2021.03.30.0356
But today, the app has stopped showing the library. The guide’s fine, and I can see the DVR settings and drive capacity, but the only icons on the left hand edge of the screen are settings, guide,schedule and search.
Any idea what’s happened?
The same thing’s happening on 2 different AppleTVs, but the iPhone app is fine.

SOLVED: it turns out that when I was looking at the server software last night, I tried setting a few global settings, which must have turned off the views in the clients. These remained off after I cancelled the server-side settings.
In a word: D’Oh!!

Yes, if you delete the setting on the server, the previous value remains on the client.